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Impacts of Climate Change: Understanding the Prolongation of Seasonal Air Quality Events

Understand the far-reaching effects of climate change on seasonal air quality events and how Shelter Air's IAQ solutions can help maintain a healthy living environment.

With the world evolving rapidly, the escalating impacts of global warming underscore a pressing need to be vigilant about the air quality we experience daily. Gone are the days of waiting out allergy or flu seasons to take action—today’s global air quality challenges are increasingly intertwined, necessitating year-round attention to our well-being and that of our loved ones.

Understanding the Seasonal Impacts of Climate Change

What do the allergy, hurricane, flu, wildfire seasons, and other air quality events share? Their growing intensity and extended durations can be attributed to climate change. But how do these specific seasons influence the air we breathe? We’ve conducted thorough research to unveil how global warming is reshaping everything from springtime allergies to hurricane-related rainfall.

Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies are a widespread concern, increasingly exacerbated by rising temperatures that boost pollen levels and prolong suffering periods. Recent studies from the University of Utah School of Biological Sciences reveal that “pollen seasons now commence 20 days earlier, extend 10 days longer, and exhibit 21% more pollen than in 1990.”

Muggy Season

Heightened summer temperatures due to global warming elevate humidity levels, enhancing the likelihood of airborne mold. This not only makes the humid season unbearable but also aggravates health issues like asthma.

Hurricane Season

While often overlooked in air quality discussions, the substantial rainfall during hurricanes—intensified by climate change—poses significant concerns. Being prepared for the augmented moisture is crucial.

Wildfire Season

Now a nationwide problem, wildfires significantly influences IAQ. Research indicates that global warming’s alteration of snowmelt patterns, vapor pressure, and spring precipitation is prolonging wildfire seasons, which in turn increases smoke and smog levels, affecting air quality nationwide.

Flu Season

Given the climate-induced rapid weather shifts, waiting for the flu season to vaccinate is no longer viable. The heightened risk of flu emphasizes the necessity of purifying the air in our homes.

Beyond Weather

Other IAQ Influencers Home air quality isn’t solely jeopardized by weather-induced issues; environmental factors like radon gas and extensive home renovations also play roles. Homeowner tasks such as annual radon inspections are critical, highlighting the enduring demand for superior IAQ.

Home renovations, while boosting property value, stir up dust, VOCs, and allergens, compromising indoor air quality. Hence, ensuring your home is endowed with pristine air becomes imperative, particularly during indoor-bound periods.

Radon, a naturally occurring but hazardous gas, often slips under the radar yet poses severe health risks if unaddressed. Shelter Air simplifies radon testing and mitigation, safeguarding your health.

With Shelter Air, every season is IAQ Season The interplay between overlapping air quality seasons and environmental factors like renovations and inadequate radon management deteriorates IAQ, impacting health adversely. Fortunately, Shelter Air delivers IAQ solutions, mitigating these detrimental effects:

  • Enhanced sleep quality
  • Illness reduction
  • Allergy alleviation
  • Boosted property value
  • Increased energy efficiency


While many events lie beyond your control, Shelter Air provides the relief and protection your home needs in a changing world.

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