A portrait of Shelter Air's CEO, Kimberly Sevilla, with a kind smile and teal-gray wavy hair, photographed by Justin McCallum.
Kimberly Sevilla, CEO of Shelter Air, as captured by Justin McCallum.
A portrait of Kimberly Sevilla, CEO of Shelter Air, with teal-gray wavy hair, a warm smile, and wearing a gray sweater.
Kimberly Sevilla, CEO of Shelter Air, Photography by Justin McCallum

About Our Founder

I am Kimberly Sevilla, and my journey has been anything but ordinary. My career began in Wild and Wonderful, West Virginia, where I embraced the challenges of being a white water river guide as a teenager. This early experience in a male-dominated field taught me resilience and the importance of forging my own path.

 With a major in Bio-Chemistry, I ventured into bustling New York City with a dream to craft my own identity in fashion design. The 90’s saw me rise to the role of creative director for technology companies, blending science with artistry. My passion for design and engineering further led me to work with manufacturing companies, creating luxury retail interiors and kick-ass window displays.

 My entrepreneurial spirit flourished in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where I founded Rose Red & Lavender, a successful flower shop and garden center that became a staple of creativity and beauty in everyday life. Rose Red & Lavender has been an active part of the community, engaging in local events and fostering a spirit of togetherness through teaching workshops and classes.

 During the pandemic, I unexpectedly found myself without work. Seeking guidance, I turned to an architect friend who pointed me toward the HVAC industry. With my chemistry background and a keen interest in thermodynamics and building science, I didn’t merely dip my toe, I plunged head first into HVAC, getting a job as a sales manager. As an INTJ, my analytical mind thrived, and I learned side by side with junior technicians, delving into hands-on technical training, load calculations, system design, and ductwork design. Along the way, I identified significant gaps in the industry and envisioned more efficient, holistic, customer-centric approaches. Fueled by my passion for improvement, I forged my own path, ultimately establishing Shelter Air.

 As a mom and a wife, I balance the demands of business with the joys of family life. My commitment to community and family values is woven into every aspect of my work.

 At Shelter Air, I bring this unique blend of experiences to the HVAC industry, setting us apart from 99.012% of the competition. My diverse background is not just a story; it’s our advantage—ensuring that our customers receive innovative solutions tailored by a lifetime of unconventional wisdom, creative leadership, and community engagement.

 I am proud be an LGBTQ+ ally and support underrepresented individuals in trades, advocating for diversity and inclusion in every facet of our business.

 We are no ordinary HVAC company.

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