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Breathing New Life into Your Home: How Shelter Air Empowers You to Combat Climate Change

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Climate change is changing our lives in big ways. Simple things we used to take for granted, like not having allergies, seeing clear skies, and easily managing our home’s energy and air, now seem rare. It’s normal to feel worried as we see our environment change so quickly. What does this mean for our future, our health, and the air around us? Let’s look at how climate change continues to affect us and what we can do to help slow it down.

  • Enjoy relief from allergies after a long season
  • Seeing a bright, blue sky with no pollution or smoke
  • Paying careful attention to our home’s energy use to save more
  • Feeling comfortable with the air we breathe every day

Climate Change’s Gradual Toll

Invisibly yet inexorably, climate change continues to reshape our environment and health. Some consequences directly threaten our well-being, while others degrade the vital resources our planet offers.

Impacts on Health

Ongoing research into climate change reveals immediate effects on our health. Allergy seasons now start sooner, extend longer, and intensify with each passing year, exacerbated by rising temperatures and escalating air pollution that affect plant blooming times and pollen production. Weather extremes, like intensifying hurricanes and wildfires, are becoming more frequent and severe due to climate change, heightening air pollution and adversely affecting the Air Quality Index (AQI) nationwide.

Impacts on Resources

Our daily reliance on energy is immense, with residential and commercial buildings alone consuming over half the world’s electricity. This usage contributes significantly to the increase in energy-related CO2 emissions, an issue highlighted by both the United Nations and the EPA as they educate the public on climate change and its energy sector implications.

We face an imperative to redirect our energy usage to safeguard our centuries-old energy foundations.

The Drive for Energy Efficiency

Global warming’s pervasive effects necessitate an overhaul of our energy systems to avert further negative outcomes. The World Meteorological Organization emphasizes the need to double our clean energy sources swiftly to safeguard our energy security against climate change and extreme weather threats.

Yet, our energy demands continue to surge, particularly for electricity, which, if unmanaged, could exacerbate fuel shortages and increase harmful emissions. Though warmer winters may offer some conservation opportunities, extreme summer heat can strain our energy infrastructure, posing risks to power stability.

Countering Climate Change

While individual actions might seem inconsequential, collectively, they contribute significantly to energy conservation and climate mitigation.

Professional Initiatives

Tackling climate change demands a unified approach. We need to adapt our energy systems for the challenges ahead, including extreme weather and changing consumption patterns. Increasing access to reliable climate information and promoting energy-efficient practices are essential steps toward sustainable change.

Individual Contributions

On a personal level, you can make impactful changes:

  1. Conserve Energy: Opt for ENERGY-STAR®-rated appliances and electronics to save about 23% in annual energy. Theses Whole-House Dehumidifiers, for example, boast the ENERGY-STAR® Most Efficient 2023 certification.
  2. Build Sustainably: Embrace green building to create resilient, energy-efficient homes. Using sustainable materials and innovative technologies like solar panels and rainwater collection can reduce your environmental footprint and safeguard your home against climatic shifts.
  3. Adopt Clean Tech: Improve your indoor air quality with clean technologies. From switching to electric cooking appliances to installing solar solutions, you can enhance your health and lessen environmental impacts.

Shelter Air’s Healthy Air Solutions

Shelter Air offers transformative technologies to create healthier living spaces. Our comprehensive solutions include air filtration, fresh air ventilation, and humidity control systems designed to tackle pollutants, allergens, and more, fostering a healthier home environment.

Shelter Air’s commitment to energy efficiency and indoor air quality exemplifies how we can all contribute to a more sustainable and resilient future, mitigating the effects of climate change and ensuring the well-being of our homes and planet.

Shelter Air Whole-House Air Filtration Solutions

Shelter Air Whole-House Air Purifiers and Shelter Air MERV 16 Air Filters are expertly crafted to lessen your exposure to airborne irritants, including persistent wildfire smoke, which could cause both immediate and lasting health issues.

These advanced systems are capable of filtering out up to 99.9% of particles that trigger allergies and asthma, as well as 98% of virus-sized particles, offering your family comprehensive protection and relief from allergies within the sanctuary of your home.

Shelter Air Whole-House Fresh Air Ventilation Solutions

Our ventilation solutions are designed to circulate fresh air throughout your home while expelling polluted air. The Shelter Air Fresh Air Ventilation System efficiently reduces indoor air contaminants, such as chemicals and bacteria, safeguarding your living space from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other pollutants that might seep in through cracks or gaps.

Shelter Air Whole-House Humidity Control Solutions

With Shelter Air’s state-of-the-art Dehumidifiers and Humidifiers, you can achieve optimal humidity levels at home, effectively guarding against the health risks posed by excessive or insufficient humidity. Our holistic humidity management solutions are your allies in maintaining a healthy and comfortable home environment all year round.

Bonus: Shelter Air Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostats

Gain precise control over your indoor climate and air quality monitoring with our Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostats. Coupled with our Healthy Air App, you can ensure your home’s air systems are functioning efficiently and tailored to the specific needs of your household.

Embrace Healthier Air Every Day

Amid the escalating challenges posed by climate change, Shelter Air stands ready to enhance your indoor air quality and comfort. Now is the time to act against climate change and elevate the healthiness of your home environment. To begin your journey towards healthier air, connect with a professional in your area today!

*Effectiveness based on air passing through the filtering system utilizing a Shelter Air MERV 16 Air Filter.

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