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Your Guide to Enhanced Indoor Air Quality and HVAC Systems.
Two-story suburban home with white siding, red brick accents, and an attached two-car garage showcasing potential for residential HVAC system installation by Shelter Air.

Do Our Vintage Homes Need to Breathe?

Striving for energy efficiency can trap pollutants like VOCs, radon, mold, and smoke indoors. This guide explores these indoor hazards and provides solutions for maintaining air quality without losing energy efficiency. Learn how to keep your home both sustainable and healthy.

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Alice H Parker, inventor of the gas furnace

From Cold Rooms to Warm Hearts: The African American Woman Behind Central Heating

In the depths of winter, we rarely ponder the genesis of our central heating, a development steeped in innovation and societal progress. Alice H. Parker, an African American inventor, changed home heating in 1919 with her gas-powered furnace, surpassing traditional methods. Despite the era’s challenges, her invention marked a significant stride in technology, underscoring the critical role of diversity in innovation. Long unrecognized, Parker’s legacy now motivates us to transcend boundaries in technology, celebrating her enduring impact on heating and ventilation that reminds us innovation is blind to race or gender.

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