Fresh Perspectives

Your Guide to Enhanced Indoor Air Quality and HVAC Systems.
Women installing a mini split.

What is HVAC?

This blog post provides a comprehensive guide to HVAC systems, explaining their function, types, and how to select the best one for your home. It also offers advice on optimizing your HVAC system for cost and energy efficiency, aiming to enhance your home’s comfort and health.

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Female fixing an HVAC systems

Why Women Make Great HVAC Technicians

Women have a lot to offer to the HVAC profession, but they are often overlooked or discouraged from entering this field. In this post, you will discover how women are changing the face of the HVAC industry and what you can do to support and join them.

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Woman's hand adjusting a thermometer.

What is SEER?

Upgrade to a high-SEER HVAC system with Shelter HVAC for cost-effective cooling in the Hudson Valley. Learn about SEER ratings, and let us guide you to the right choice with our expert installation and free consultations.

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