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Your Guide to Enhanced Indoor Air Quality and HVAC Systems.
Female technician testing an air handler

The Science of Sizing: Get the Perfect Fit for Optimal Cooling Efficiency! ❄️💪

Don’t let outdated sizing methods leave you hot and bothered! Discover the importance of load calculation in correctly sizing HVAC systems for optimal cooling efficiency. Learn why relying on square footage or the previous system’s size can lead to discomfort and energy waste. Join us as we demystify load calculation and explore how Shelter HVAC takes a data-driven approach to ensure your system is perfectly sized for peak cooling performance.

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Upgrade to a Heat Pump: The Smart Move for Efficient Comfort! ❄️🌡️

Upgrade your traditional ducted AC system to a heat pump for enhanced efficiency, energy savings, and improved indoor air quality. Discover why mini-split systems may not be the ideal choice for households with hydronic heating and learn how upgrading to a heat pump can optimize your comfort. Utilize existing ductwork, enjoy superior air filtration, and simplify control with a heat pump upgrade. Find out why it’s the smart move for efficient and versatile home comfort!

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Whole House Dehumidifier

AC + Dehumidifier: The Dynamic Duo for Home Comfort Bliss!

Discover the powerful combination of an AC system and a dehumidifier in achieving optimal comfort and well-being in your home. In this excerpt, we explore five compelling reasons why incorporating a dehumidifier alongside your AC is a smart choice. From improved indoor air quality and enhanced cooling efficiency to the preservation of furniture and prevention of condensation and water damage, the benefits are numerous. With Shelter HVAC, a trusted women-owned company in the Hudson Valley, you can expect reliable installation and personalized service tailored to your unique needs. Take the extra step to create a healthier, more comfortable living space year-round by embracing the advantages of a dehumidifier with your AC system.

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New 2023 EPA Regulations for HVAC Systems

Get ready for a cooler and greener future with the 2023 EPA regulations for HVAC systems! In this excerpt, we delve into the updates that will impact your home comfort and energy efficiency. From higher SEER ratings to the introduction of eco-friendly refrigerants, these changes are designed to promote sustainability and save you money on energy bills. With Shelter as your trusted partner, you can navigate these regulations with ease and make informed choices for your HVAC system. Stay ahead of the curve and embrace a greener lifestyle with our expert guidance.

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Hosing down a unit

Keeping Your AC System Clean

Maintain optimal AC performance and comfort with clean systems. Boost efficiency and air quality by cleaning the outdoor unit and replacing filters. Emphasize regular expert maintenance. Follow Shelter’s advice for a well-functioning AC system.

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HVAC Guage

Decoding HVAC Jargon

Demystify HVAC terms, from Manual J load calculations to line sets and tons. Learn how these elements influence the selection of ideal heating and cooling equipment, ensuring optimal home comfort. Join us to uncover HVAC secrets and make educated choices for your home’s climate control.

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What Type of Heat Do I Have?

Dive into the exciting world of heating systems at Shelter, where boilers and furnaces face off, and heat pumps bring a twist. Learn the differences and innovations that define indoor climate control. Join us to explore the technologies that ensure our comfort in this dynamic field.

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